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Common Ways People Create Bump Keys

Bump keys are used for lock bumping which is a technique in lock picking. How they work is similar to older skeleton keys where a section is removed from the center of the key that skips through the locks bumps, allowing the user to efficiently turn the lock without facing lock obstacles. A patent on the bump key first appeared in the United States by H. R Simpson in 1928 naming it the “Rapping Key”. Locksmiths in Denmark started sharing the technique used to create these bump keys in the 70s with the right pressure and torque.

The mechanics of the bump key is fairly simple for many people to understand but making one can be tricky. People often purchase blank keys that don’t have any ridges or teeth made yet. With a blank key and a cheap triangular file, anyone can learn how to make bump keys of their own as an emergency spare key or if they’re looking to do something unlawful.

After attaining the blank keys and file, they file the key downwards to shave off the valleys shaped along the key with just the right force. Using too much force while filing the key may risk breaking it or shaving off too much where you’ll need to spend another on a blank key. If you have spare keys around, you can use that as well instead of a blank.

Information on how to open a lock with the bump key is widely available and is usually catered to users who are curious, seeking to find a key replacement that doesn’t require spending a single penny on a duplicating a key, or unfortunately, those looking to start lockpicking. If you’re thinking of creating bump keys as a replacement key, don’t let the question of finding how to get keys made near me and seek for your local locksmith instead.

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