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Coolest Guy in Warcraft

Who’s the coolest guy in Warcraft? The World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s top selling MMORPG (that is massive multiplayer online role playing game for you), boasts 9 million online players at the time of writing. With this many players hooked on the game, it’s obvious that a huge fraction of these would definitely be vying for the title”coolest man in Warcraft”.

Stee, a level 60 warlock who was able to play Archimonde – arguably among the most prestigious servers with a great deal of background (Archimonde was one the first four servers released during the game’s beta trial version) – states that he’s the’special’ one with the right for this sought after name. He asserts that he was actually among the first players to play – he purchased his copy the game’s first day of release back in October 2004 – but the story gets better than that. Unlike having to queue up outside a digital gaming store overnight like countless die-hard fans throughout the world did to get a copy of the game, Stee befriended the owner of the local applications socket near his home, and through a shared love for pc gaming, managed to get him to sell him the very first copy from the shop! The morning of this launch, Stee simply walked the lines out, right up to the front door, and was handed his copy by his now great partner, much to the astonishment of those nearby. As he says on his site,”Now if this is not cool, I do not know what is!”

Stee’s love for world of warcraft private server (as it’s affectionately called ) has long (or any will state his over-fascination) so much he has actually written a guide about the best way best to create gold (that is the money the game uses) to instruct fellow WoW players on his deep knowledge and command over this part of mechanisms in the game.

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