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Drill Press vs Hand Drills

Drills are mechanical tools used to create precision holes in thick materials such as metal or wood. Depending on the type of workpiece, there are different types of drills made just for a certain type of a material so that you’ll be able to get the best results out of it. The most common types of drills are the drill press and the hand drill. Whether or not you need a drill for your garage, it can go down to different factors on which type of drills suit you better.

Often, hand drills are much more preferred due to its compact size which makes it easy to store. Hand drills are made for casual users especially when it is only used for simple projects. The hand drill mechanism is manual, which makes the speed of the drill is determinant based on the user’s hand motions. As the hand drill is quite pocket-friendly, it is best suited for those who are on a budget hunt for a simple drill. Due to its affordable price, hand drills are also popular for users looking to enhance their home environment.

On the other hand, the bench drill press is automated as there is an electric motor attached that allows it to turn the spindle. The speed of the drill is also equally automated by using a speed control dial that can increase or reduce the drill speed. However, drill presses are more expensive than the regular hand drill, but it can certainly outperform the hand drill with its ability to clamp a workpiece down for more accurate drilling. The best drill press often has a good precision angle when drilling which prevents the piece from moving during the operation.

As a recommendation, if you’re someone looking to use a drill for a long-term period, maybe consider getting an automated drill press instead. While a hand drill is certainly cheaper and convenient to bring around, a drill press will surely make your work easier and better.

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